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FSV Mainz Cancel El Ghazi’s Contract After Israel-Hamas War Social Media Post

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FSV Mainz have announced they have cancelled the contract of Anwar El Ghazi, after he posted an offensive social media post regarding Israel-Hamas hostilities. El Ghazi https://www.nyweekly.co.uk/ was initially suspended by FSV Mainz back in October due to this message posted online and later deleted by him.

Mainz lifted his suspension on Monday, however the club have since terminated his contract for speaking out on a political issue which raised significant issues surrounding freedom of expression in sport.

Anwar El Ghazi’s social media post

Mainz, a Bundesliga club in Germany, announced they have terminated the contract of Dutch forward Anwar El Ghazi after an nyweekly.co.uk offensive post he made about Israel-Palestine conflict on social media. They stated he will no longer be allowed to train or take part in matchday activities at Mainz.

The club made its decision after El Ghazi released an unintelligible statement online Wednesday, which they consider incomprehensible. El Ghazi had recently been allowed back into training after making amends for remarks he made earlier about war that caused an uproar.

El Ghazi referenced the recent surge of violence across the Middle East, specifically an Israeli bombing of Gaza. He lamented his loss of livelihood compared to what has been unleashed upon its innocent population, using #stopthekilling as his hashtag and encouraging followers to stand up for what they believed in – echoing Manchester United legend Eric Cantona’s recent comments that supporting Palestinian rights did not automatically constitute support for Hamas.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Conflict between Israel and Palestinian militant group Hamas has resulted in multiple civilian casualties since it erupted, following Hamas’ surprise attack against Israel that provoked Israeli retaliatory strikes against its attackers.

Israeli authorities have also conducted forced evictions of Palestinians living in the West Bank and East Jerusalem as part of an overall plan to clear away Palestinians and make way for more Israeli settlements.

Mainz told El Ghazi in a meeting held Thursday that they expect his players to uphold Mainz’s values of peace and humanity and uphold Israel’s right to exist without questioning Israel’s right to exist; the 28-year-old later shared on Instagram his opinion that any loss of livelihood “is nothing compared to the hell that is unleashed against innocent and vulnerable Palestinians in Gaza.” However, later on he deleted that post.

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The club’s decision

Mainz 05 have announced they have terminated Dutch winger Anwar El Ghazi’s contract due to his pro-Palestinian posts on social media, which “took a position that wasn’t acceptable to us”. They stated his 28 year old post “took an inappropriate stance towards Middle East conflict”.

Mainz had originally suspended El Ghazi for his comments in October but later permitted him to return after showing remorse; however, on Wednesday he released an “incomprehensible” statement which the Bundesliga club stated they will investigate legally.

On Friday, Aston Villa announced they had terminated El Ghazi’s contractual relationship immediately in response to his tweets demanding an end to Israel’s assault on Gaza that has killed more than 9,227 Palestinians since it started on October 7. El Ghazi’s tweets underscore the complex nature of sport-politics relations, with players often becoming the focus of public discussion over their political beliefs.

El Ghazi’s response

German Bundesliga club Mainz have confirmed that Dutch winger Anwar El Ghazi’s contract was terminated with immediate effect after he posted on social media to express solidarity with Palestinians during Israel-Hamas tensions. Suspended on October 17, Anwar El Ghazi subsequently showed remorse before returning to training on Monday; however Mainz has confirmed his contract has now been officially ended.

Mainz 05’s statement read as follows: “With his post, Anwar El Ghazi expressed views about the current Middle Eastern situation that were unacceptable to us as a club.” Additionally, they recognized there may be multiple interpretations to this complex conflict and acknowledged there could be different viewpoints as there has always been. Furthermore, Mainz are especially sensitive to antisemitism given one of their founding members Eugen Salomon was Jewish who died during World War II.

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