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AI is Going to Change Content Marketing Forever

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Muhammad Talha
Muhammad Talha
I am self-educated and a God-made man. I started my journey as a freelance SEO expert and blogger. My love for literature made me delve deeper into the world of SEO and online marketing. This eventually led me to start my own company, https://possiblyethereal.com/ I am a great believer in hard work and dedication. I believe that these are the two key ingredients to success. I am constantly striving to provide my clients with the best possible service and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Al-HamduLillahMy contact: mubashirseoexpert70@gmail.com WhatsApp: +923163578144

Content isn’t king anymore. With Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) unstoppable surge, the way we were doing things a few months back won’t produce the same results as before. 

AI is undeniably a transformative technology that is increasingly becoming a part of our life. One of the primary areas where AI is causing significant impact is content marketing. It is transforming the way we create and consume entertainment.

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The most obvious advantage of AI content creation and marketing is the ability to save a significant amount of time. Provided how much time it takes to come up with blog topics, find relevant keywords and make a social media strategy, AI becomes the much-needed assistant in most tasks like these. 

However, as promising as it sounds, can AI’s content quality really make the cut? Find it out as you read further down.

What is AI content?

 In its most basic form, AI content is material generated by artificial intelligence without human interaction. Several AI approaches, like NLP (Natural Language Processing) and NLG (Natural Language Generation), may be used to produce original, engaging, and useful content.

Want to do better than AI generated content? A Content marketing agency in Auckland can help you with their experienced writers and knowledge base to develop the most effective for your business!

How Does AI Help in Generating Content

The term content-generating AI refers to a software tool driven by artificial intelligence that may generate material in a variety of domains. 

When it comes to text content, powerful AI content-generating technologies have a variety of skills, including suggesting headlines, writing meta description, reviewing existing content and even long-form blog writing. They can write about pretty much anything and anything.

It’s crucial to understand that AI content production is more than just creating text content. It is a broad phrase that encompasses film creation, music production, predictive analysis, and even website development, among other things. 

How Will AI Change Things For Content Marketers

Considering the varying opinions, let’s now analyse the ways AI is set to transform content strategy and everything surrounding it.

1. Creating Content Tailored for AI-powered Search Results

Facts count. Where anyone can publish mediocre content, going the extra mile to generate tailored answers to queries will pay off.

User-based content such as FAQs, how-to manuals, and other content that delivers succinct and straightforward answers.

There have been multiple observations in relation to voice search, where longer-term replies have primarily been AI-based (albeit not generative, as we see with ChatGPT) and fact-oriented.

2. Focus on Quality Rather than Quantity

In the age of AI, SEO professionals must concentrate on producing high-quality content.

But this one is no surprise; Google has been emphasising it for quite a while.

However, what translates to excellent quality is bound to evolve.

As mentioned above, the priority is to write factually correct, well-written, and thoroughly researched content. Except, there are a few additions to this.

For example, Google’s most recent inclusion of “Experience” to their E-A-T principle will help you focus on your content quality.

While still relevant, SEO will be changed by AI to a great extent. From optimisation to link building, AI will significantly impact every aspect of SEO.

The Future of AI Generated Content

Earlier in May 2023, Google announced that AI content isn’t going to be penalised for websites, as long as it doesn’t violate Google’s Content Guidelines. Anything that assists the users and brings more clarity on the topic can pass as content worth publishing. 

AI content is and will be normalised to an extent where majority of the content creators, including writers are going to use AI for generating content. 

This may come as a surprise but big enterprises such as Forbes aren’t stepping back in harnessing AI tools to create content. With Microsoft and other companies hopping the bandwagon,. the scope of AI can be expected to broaden in coming years. 

Content creation with AI is also opening up opportunities for small businesses as well, that don’t have the resources to hire full-time content writers.

But here’s the question asked often, “Can Google spot content created by AI tools? Well, the question itself might need a tweak”

Here’s the deal: Google doesn’t play favourites. Whether it’s content whipped up by AI or crafted by a human, Google penalises low-quality and inaccurate info. On the flip side, it rewards top-notch, informative content. Interestingly, Google admits it’s tough to tell if content is AI-generated or human-written.

So, instead of asking if Google can suss out AI content, let’s reframe it: Does AI-created content pack the punch—quality, authority, and relevance—to score high in Google searches?

But keep in mind that Google and other search engines switch up their game. Your AI-generated content might get the boot not just because it’s AI but because of its overall quality.

This is why people are still relying on Content Marketing agencies in New Zealand to develop fresh, relevant content. 

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